The Dragons App

The team is forever looking for ways to get our name out into the world. We have joined the millions of people on social networks Twitter and Facebook and can now boast of having a social fan base of over 4000 people. We connect locally too with Co-Founder Chris Roberts visiting networking groups and even some times making his way on to radio to speak about upcoming events. The one part of the new age of technology we haven’t been able to corner is the App market. That is until now.  Home Screen

Introducing the North Wales Dragons app available on both Android and Iphone. This is a great way for everyone to find out the latest news on the North Wales Dragons, check out our sponsors, look at our upcoming events and chat with players and fans of the team.


The app is completely free. To download, head to your App Store and search for TeamApp. Select and download, once your download is complete, open the app and search for North Wales Dragons. Once selected you will have access to our app at anytime.

Until next time
Gaz Roberts – Co-Founder – 5


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