Players sponsored

Over the last month we have been blogging and re-blogging about sponsorship opportunities with the North Wales Dragons. These sponsorships have ranged from players training jackets to the bus in which we will making our way up to Scotland in.

In return, businesses who sponsor our team receive –

  • Your logo in the Scotland match-day program
  • Your logo on the North Wales Dragons website until 1/1/2013
  • Mentions on the social media sites Twitter and Facebook

We thank everyone for showing their support in retweeting and sharing through facebook, and are very glad to announce the first batch of sponsorships for the Dragons players.

Conwy Land Rover have kindly donated £20 to “Join the Fight” Breast Cancer Research with sponsoring the North Wales Dragons number 3 and Captain – Phill Jackson.

Chester Rybrook Jaguar are sponsoring the Dragons number 1 – Dwain Jones.

Inner Frame are sponsoring one of the Co – Founders of the Dragons. Number 11 – Steve Roberts.

Twizzness are sponsoring one of the Co – Founders of the Dragons. Number 5 – Gaz Roberts.

Outperform Services are sponsoring one of the honorary members of the Dragons. Number 96 – Michelle Mone

If you would like to sponsor one of our players, or wish to sponsor any of our other items, please get in contact with us via our twitter account @NWalesDragons or contact the team by emailing them here

Until next time

North Wales Dragons Co – Founder

Gaz Roberts – 5