On the training pitch

We are now in the winter months of training, a difficult time for many of our players as Christmas Work meals and the children’s Nativity plays all take first choice for our team. Although the idea of a warm house watching classic Christmas reruns seems the better option than the wet ground conditions we are currently experiencing at the moment on the playing fields, our players are still training hard for 2016.

Every Friday night on the slick green 3G pitch of Llandrillo College, the team enter to take part in a training match. Lasting 60 minutes, this tough session of Dragons v Dragons is the perfect place to see what playing partnerships are working and which ones are not. As you can imagine, with the Dragons name growing as it is, we are finding ourselves inundated with people who want to become a part of the team, so the Friday night sessions are also a great way for the Founders to see if there are any new recruits we can bring into the team and how well they play with the team.

The 2015 playing season is now over and our players can now relax while enjoying the festivities over the Christmas period and look forward to what will be a big year for the North Wales Dragons. We are always on the lookout for new players to join our team, so if you fancy training with the Dragons you can send us a message on Twitter, Facebook or if you prefer you can use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Happy Holidays
Gaz Roberts – Co Founder – 5