North Wales Dragons vs Merseyside Thunder Match Report

Under the lights of MBI Llandudno Football Club’s ground the Maesdu Stadium, the Dragons looked to continue there good run of form against a brand new opposition called Merseyside Thunder. The newly formed team had a few familiar faces in the squad, defender Barry Haydock, goalkeeper turned midfielder for this match Thomas Thornton, midfielder Joe Wilkinson and North Wales Dragons Co-Founder Steven Roberts who created Merseyside Thunder. A wedding party had been scheduled on the night at MBI Llandudno’s club house, so family and friends of the happy couple were to be treated to what was a great game of football.

Before the match both sides agreed to a minutes silence to take place for the tragic events that had taken place the night before in Paris. The silence only interrupted by the sound of the high winds that were whistling through the flagpoles surrounding the pitch. The whistle blew and that was the sign for the rain to begin, a torrential downpour that did not stop for the 90 plus minutes of play ahead. The Dragons in their Raging Bull made, GAP Personnel sponsored kits, were looking good to start off with, but a mix up with midfield and defence saw a Merseyside attack lead to there first goal of the night. The Dragons were quick to answer with a goal from Josh Daniels which settled the team back down. Merseyside were holding there own, a very strong midfield had the team attack in numbers which lead to them scoring just before the half time whistle.

Changes at halftime had the Dragons set up a stronger defence with a centre defensive midfielder covering every time a player would leave the back row. The changes soon took affect leading to Ben Hingley netting his first goal for the Dragons followed by a Rich Parry cross that made it’s way into the goal with thanks to a heavy wind to make it 3 – 2 to the Dragons. Merseyside were quick to react and were soon back on the score sheet them selves, netting two in quick succession. Further changes to the Dragons in the rolling substitute format saw Ben Hingley net his second goal. Both teams were now longing for the final whistle as the wind and rain was strong and seemed to be wrapping around the stadium with Abigail’s Storm in full flow making the referee Sion Roberts jokingly ask if we would like to play the last quarter tomorrow. Merseyside counter attacked a corner from the Dragons and managed to net their fifth and final goal of the evening, they looked to seal the win with further chances but the late goalkeeper draft in of Steve O’Neil looked to be a great signing for the Dragons. The Dragons were laying on attack after attack and with a huge push forward Josh Daniels equalised for the home team making it five goals a piece. The Dragons were unlucky not to go ahead with further chances but it was not long until the final whistle blew leaving both sides happy to get back in to the warmth of the dressing rooms.

This match was played in honour of one of our retiring players, Mark “Berger” Williams who was the Dragons top goal scorer and helped a lot both on and off the pitch. Mark will now take on the roll as manager of the Dragons taking over from Chris Roberts.

Until next time

Gaz Roberts

Co – Founder