Dragons victorious

The Dragons have won their first Celtic Challenge Trophy defeating the Ayrshire Outsiders 6-5 in a penalty shootout. During the Anglo Celtic Shield tournament, The Dragons drew their first game 1-1 against the World’s Oldest Football Club; Sheffield F.C. – Drew their second game 0-0 against Buckley Town F.C. before a 0-0 draw with the Outsiders.

Full Results

 Buckley Town F.C. 0-1 Ayrshire Outsiders
Ryan Gilbert (39)
North Wales Dragons
Mark Williams (15)
1-1 Sheffield F.C.
Ayrshire Outsiders
Ryan Brown (6)
Barry Higgins (19)
Shaun Gilbert (21,39)
4-0 Sheffield F.C.
Buckley Town F.C. 0-0 North Wales Dragons
Buckley Town F.C.
Richy Cowderoy (13)
1-0 Sheffield F.C.
North Wales Dragons 0-0 Ayrshire Outsiders