Details Regarding Charity Walk 22nd July 2017

Well we are now just a few days away from the Pier to Pier Charity Walk 2, raising funds and awareness for a charity or a good cause close to your heart.

Firstly, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it through our Facebook page here:

Or you can sign up via our Eventbrite page here:

This is so we know how many people are coming and to update you on anything relevant to the walk.

There are no fees to pay for walking, we think that if you’re walking with us to raise money for a charity of your choice, then that’s where your money should go.

The start position of the Pier 2 Pier Walk on Saturday 22nd July 2017 has had to be relocated due to the sea defence works not being completed between Colwyn Bay Pier and the Toad Hall Restaurant.

To avoid cancellation, or having to make any changes to the Risk Assessment at such short notice, the walk will commence from the prom side of the road, after the gated work access, and opposite the commencement of the Cayley bank as per the above pictures.

We apologise for any inconvenience, we hope you will understand, but this is out of our control.
If you would be kind enough to pass this information on to anyone you know will be walking, it would be sincerely appreciated.

If you are parking in Colwyn Bay, there is car parking on the promenade on the Cayley Bank side of the pier, or, car parks at Ivy Street, Princes Drive or Morrisons.

If you are parking in Llandudno, there is car parking on the promenade, Victoria Shopping Centre or Market Street.

Remember, Llandudno is 10k (Nearly 6 miles from Colwyn Bay) so choose where you are going to leave your car to get back to it following the walk. There is plenty of public transport in the way of buses, trains are frequent with stations close to both piers, various taxi companies and there is always some of the walkers who will be making journeys back and forth between Colwyn Bay and Llandudno.

The walk will start on the Cayley Bank side of the pier on the promenade. The start point will be signified by North Wales Dragons members in high viz vests. If you can be there ready for 5.15pm, it will give you time for a warm up before you begin your walk.

At 5.30pm you will hear three blasts of a whistle, this will be the signal to move forward along the promenade and view our fabulous coastline, you will pass the Cayley Bank on the left hand side before reaching the picturesque harbour at Rhos-on-Sea on your right hand side.

Rhos on Sea Harbour

We also follow the route of the cycle path so please remember to share and be vigilant to all cyclists.

Share with Care

Moving past Rhos point we then walk along Marine Drive along the coastline to Penrhyn Beach before coming in land slightly to walk up the incline at Penrhynside along side the ‘Little Orme’. Llandudno Hill looks a little daunting.

Llandudno Hill, Penrhynside

Once you reach the top of the hill you will see the famous ‘Llandudno Welcomes You’ sign closely followed by seeing Llandudno Pier in the distance, then it is all down hill and flat all the way! (This is the bit I am going to like!)

Llandudno Welcomes You
View of Llandudno Pier

Once we come down the hill heading into Llandudno, we are back by the seaside, passby the new lifeboat station, past the paddling pool and then on to the promenade with Llandudno’s many hotels on the left hand side before finally reaching the finish line which is through the bollards and between the Welsh flags at the entrance to Llandudno Pier.

Finish Line

When you finish  the Pier to Pier Charity Walk there are kiosks at the entrance to Llandudno Pier where you can get tea, coffee, beers, juice, food, ice creams etc which will remain open until 10.00pm.

Once we have finished the walk, the idea is to mill around at the pier entrance and have a chat with each other, share your experiences and why you have come on the walk.

Remember to wear football tops, rugby tops, charity tops, bright coloured tops, we would love for you to stand out from the crowd to raise awareness for your supported charity, but remember to wear sensible shoes too! Also remember to bring plenty of water! Choose what you want to bring, either sun screen and/or a brolly.

Please take lots of photos, videos, selfies etc and post them to any of our social media sites below, we will share the life out of them in the few days following the event! Use the hashtag #Pier2Pier so we can find you easily.

If you need anything at all, or more information, ring me, Chris Roberts on 07840 318231. Even if you need any kind of assistance on the day, we are only too happy to help.

One important Note!

*No items are to be sold by walkers along the route and no money is to be sought by way of collection tins and buckets or any other fundraising item. This requires a licence which we do not have, unless you have obtained your own particular license, which we must see a copy of*

Finally and most of all, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for coming and being a part of this, we really appreciate it, we hope you enjoy your walk by the seaside and raise lots of money and awareness for your cause.

Really looking forward to seeing you on the day!

Chris – Co-Founder, North Wales Dragons.