Business and Recreational Sport

North Wales Dragons Community Football Team

What if, as a business owner, you were the change that is needed, to champion not corporate social responsibility, but human social responsibility? Do you even know what the people who surround you everyday care about?

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been spending a lot more time considering how we can help businesses and charities to recover once we edge to a normality. Our vast experience has taught us that connecting business, charity and community groups using recreational sport as a tool can make a great difference to any enterprise.

Why a sports team? Allow me to explain the vision and benefits.

Recreational sport and business have gone hand in hand for over a hundred and forty years, particularly football. Some of the biggest football teams in the world today were founded by factory workers. There were obviously benefits in setting teams up back then and those benefits have increased massively since.

For example, way back when, an employee’s participation in playing matches would improve physical fitness and mental well-being. Now, imagine integrating cause led participation in conjunction with a human social responsibility policy. The benefits to a business, the employees and the wider community will skyrocket.

So, how do you go about this?

The more you know your people and your community, the more you will develop your social responsibility policy, and the more you develop, the more ideas your people will bring to you. Employees who give you their heart and soul and share with you what matters to them most is indeed a most precious gift.

Remember that your employees are a part of the community and the lifeblood of your organisation; they bring the whole of themselves to work on a daily basis including their dreams and thoughts. By asking them to talk openly about what they care about, you are putting them in the centre of your giving and empowering them to be champions of good.

Listen and adopt their stories of social good and take the journey with them, so that they have the opportunity to empower you in return as the business leader. As part of this corporate social responsibility journey your employees will promote your brand and its values and vision for giving back to the community – they will be proud to be a part of your organisation.

If your business has no interest in its community, then why should a community have any interest in your business?

Any organisation has the ability to do good. Your employees will be drawn to a heart centric cause, an attraction factor, socially invested and would wish to be involved in the team, whether as players, managers, coaches, administrative staff or perhaps there just to support.

The advantages of setting up a business-based sports team:

·          Raise funds and awareness for the business charity of the year.

·          Employees on pitch participation improve their physical fitness and mental wellness.

·          Employees get a feel-good factor from being involved in helping create funds for a good cause. 

·          Employees are engaged in team building and socialising.

·          Employees benefit from having a sense of belonging which boosts employee engagement levels.

·          Being able to have your employees as human conscience ambassadors.

·          Your employees would champion your business within the local community.

·          Have your business mentioned in press and social media.

·          Makes your organisation attractive to investors.

·          Creating a networking pool of possible partners, stake holders and sponsors.

·          Create brand awareness in the local community.

·          Forge links and partnerships with the local community.

·          Have the local community champion your business.

·          Giving the opportunity for other like-minded teams to come and play and gaining an improvement in physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

·          Giving the opportunity for other like-minded teams to play for their own charity or good cause.

As you can see, many benefits can be had through setting up a sports team, we know from vast experience that you will always find a volunteer wishing to take on the mantle of leader, and will look after the team accordingly. 

We admire businesses who take on these recreational sports teams for obvious reasons. It is unique in modern times as it moves away from traditional social responsibility structures, as business owners become pilots or pioneers of this revolutionary process and show themselves to be at the leading edge of human social responsibility.

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